Monday, May 11, 2009

Sonam in Anamika Khanna

Sonam is sporting an Anamika Khanna creation @ the Loreal brunch @ Olive. I am totally not digging this dress. She has build such a huge reputation as being a fashionista and getting it pretty much right every time but this look disapoints. The flowery detail, and the cut of that dress is not appealing and neither is the color of the dress. Very carroty! What is it with all these Glam Hotties? Hope to see them make a full come back very soon! (excuse amrita in the pic...couldn't find a better pic right away)


  1. i kinda dont dig that flowery thing in front of the dress....but trust sonam to look good in anything...i think if anyone could have pulled this dress off it would definitely be sonam kapoor...and amrita is soo damn annoying m totally going to ignore her... :)

  2. lol...exactly what i did DIVA...totally ignored her!