Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ash @ Cannes with a BANG!

I cannot tell you how amazing she looks! SHe looks like a princess in the beautiful white gown and the train is a beautiful addition to the gown! Ususally something is always off about her look when she goes to Cannes. I get so disapointed because I know her potential and how amazing she is when she is dressed properly, but this particualr look is so amazing!!! The hair could have been a tad bit better but we will look past that. The make up is not to harsh, very light and beautiful. Her tan complextion looks nice ass well. THe fit of the dress is amazing. THe almost feathery kind of detail is nice. Usually I am not one for feathery detailing but she rocked it!! Great job Mrs Bachan!! WHat do you guys think of her look? DO u agree with me or you think something is off? would love to hear from u!! leave comments <3

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