Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How To: get Adriana Lima's Pin Straight Hair

Adriana assets may be as famous as her face world over but another beautiful additon to that face has to be that hair! She has one of the most gorgeous head of hair I have ever seen. It would be best to try out this look at home if you have a oval, round , heart or triangular face structure. It will also look better on you if your hair is thin to medium in texture. So, if you have that then you will need at least half an hour to do this, depending on the length of your hair , of course.

Things u will need:

  1. Have a blow dryer at hand, preferbly an ionic one, which helps keeps the shine in the hair.
  2. A good straightening iron.
  3. Shine serum or spray (i use a serum called Chi silk infusion in my hair before i start. It helps keep the shine and also protects from the heat of the tools)
  4. heat protector spray/serum (u can use Garnier shine spray)

So basically what u would do is add some heat protecter serum blow out your hair and if it looks poofy dont worry just add some serum and the next step will make it all better. After you do that put you hair into about 2 inch sections and start ironing. Keep in mind the less amount of hair in the iron at a time the better the end result will be. Keep going through all your hair with the iron and at the end spritz some shine serum.

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