Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beyonce and Ash Rock Elie Saab

While Beyonce wore hers at the 50 Annual Grammy Awards last year, Ash wore hers @ the Cannes festival this week. You can see the similarity in these dresses as in the colors and the detailing around the bust line. While Ash's look is more subdued, Beyonce's is loud and very unflattering around her bust. It seems as if you were to look into the audience from the stage, you can see EVERYTHING! That is never good. the colors are similar to some extent but I am Team Ash on this one. WHat do u think? Also, I'm having trouble comprehending why Beyonces clothing is getting tackier. Such a beautiful face and on a mission to ruin it by wearing tacky, blingy, weird boho clothing. THere is nothing wrong with trying something out of the norm, but it has to be done right and only a few have those kind of skillzzz!!


Eva Longoria doing it ~ OK

Eva shows up in a blingy, sequined Blumarine dress @ the People En Espanol 50 Most Beautiful celebration, which was in NYC. Personally, I expect the best from Eva Longoria because she has impressed me with her sense if colorful style and beautiful hair and make up. THe make up and hair in this look are very Glam!I am loving the chic straight hair This is what I would expect from Mrs. Parker. THe only thing with this look is, I can't seem to like this dress, no matter how hard I try. I don't know, I can't put my finger on it. Maybe its the Sequins? or maybe ummm I'm not sure LOL....but I dont approve of this look. So sadly this look is just ok. You guys?? ur comments? what do u say?

Bang ON @ Cannes!!!

Ash has shown her potential in this beautiful Elie Saab creation. She looks very classy. I love the hair pulled back, parted at the side and tight. Her piercing blue eyes shining through the dark eye makeup.The flowy dress and the beautiful clutch! Very nice! This has to be Ms Rais BEST!

Ash @ Cannes Press Conf.

Ash looks beautiful in a Cavalli creation @ a press conference @Cannes Film Festival. I'm not digging the tan though. It makes her make up look smudgy and dirty. I do have to give credit where it's due tho, Ms. Rai has improved majorly this year pertaining to her choice in clothing. We all know how beautiful she is and are disapointed each year by her poor choice of clothing(or her stylist, if there be one). Ignoring the tan and looking @ the picture as a whole, she looks beautiful. Abi looks strictly ok! (PS>LOVE THE MESSY HAIR DO)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ash @ Cannes

Ash @ Cannes HOT or NOT












Classic Beauty~ Sharmila Togore @ Cannes

Sharmila Togore was present as Cannes as a jury member for the prestigeous film festival in France. Might I say she looked beautiful! She kept it indian and that is what she looks best in. Wearing a yellow sari with blue flowers, she looked amazingly simple. She carried the look off with such grace and it's wonderful to her there! Very age appropriate and it has a spring, beachy vibe to it. She has aged so gracefully! Personally not a fan of Pearls but she rocked them to the max!! Even our classy first lady Michelle Obama can't look this good in Pearls! What do you guys think? Am i out of my mind oir does Mrs. Tagore look completely GLAM?

Ash @ Cannes with a BANG!

I cannot tell you how amazing she looks! SHe looks like a princess in the beautiful white gown and the train is a beautiful addition to the gown! Ususally something is always off about her look when she goes to Cannes. I get so disapointed because I know her potential and how amazing she is when she is dressed properly, but this particualr look is so amazing!!! The hair could have been a tad bit better but we will look past that. The make up is not to harsh, very light and beautiful. Her tan complextion looks nice ass well. THe fit of the dress is amazing. THe almost feathery kind of detail is nice. Usually I am not one for feathery detailing but she rocked it!! Great job Mrs Bachan!! WHat do you guys think of her look? DO u agree with me or you think something is off? would love to hear from u!! leave comments <3