Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beyonce and Ash Rock Elie Saab

While Beyonce wore hers at the 50 Annual Grammy Awards last year, Ash wore hers @ the Cannes festival this week. You can see the similarity in these dresses as in the colors and the detailing around the bust line. While Ash's look is more subdued, Beyonce's is loud and very unflattering around her bust. It seems as if you were to look into the audience from the stage, you can see EVERYTHING! That is never good. the colors are similar to some extent but I am Team Ash on this one. WHat do u think? Also, I'm having trouble comprehending why Beyonces clothing is getting tackier. Such a beautiful face and on a mission to ruin it by wearing tacky, blingy, weird boho clothing. THere is nothing wrong with trying something out of the norm, but it has to be done right and only a few have those kind of skillzzz!!


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