Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beyonce and Ash Rock Elie Saab

While Beyonce wore hers at the 50 Annual Grammy Awards last year, Ash wore hers @ the Cannes festival this week. You can see the similarity in these dresses as in the colors and the detailing around the bust line. While Ash's look is more subdued, Beyonce's is loud and very unflattering around her bust. It seems as if you were to look into the audience from the stage, you can see EVERYTHING! That is never good. the colors are similar to some extent but I am Team Ash on this one. WHat do u think? Also, I'm having trouble comprehending why Beyonces clothing is getting tackier. Such a beautiful face and on a mission to ruin it by wearing tacky, blingy, weird boho clothing. THere is nothing wrong with trying something out of the norm, but it has to be done right and only a few have those kind of skillzzz!!


Eva Longoria doing it ~ OK

Eva shows up in a blingy, sequined Blumarine dress @ the People En Espanol 50 Most Beautiful celebration, which was in NYC. Personally, I expect the best from Eva Longoria because she has impressed me with her sense if colorful style and beautiful hair and make up. THe make up and hair in this look are very Glam!I am loving the chic straight hair This is what I would expect from Mrs. Parker. THe only thing with this look is, I can't seem to like this dress, no matter how hard I try. I don't know, I can't put my finger on it. Maybe its the Sequins? or maybe ummm I'm not sure LOL....but I dont approve of this look. So sadly this look is just ok. You guys?? ur comments? what do u say?

Bang ON @ Cannes!!!

Ash has shown her potential in this beautiful Elie Saab creation. She looks very classy. I love the hair pulled back, parted at the side and tight. Her piercing blue eyes shining through the dark eye makeup.The flowy dress and the beautiful clutch! Very nice! This has to be Ms Rais BEST!

Ash @ Cannes Press Conf.

Ash looks beautiful in a Cavalli creation @ a press conference @Cannes Film Festival. I'm not digging the tan though. It makes her make up look smudgy and dirty. I do have to give credit where it's due tho, Ms. Rai has improved majorly this year pertaining to her choice in clothing. We all know how beautiful she is and are disapointed each year by her poor choice of clothing(or her stylist, if there be one). Ignoring the tan and looking @ the picture as a whole, she looks beautiful. Abi looks strictly ok! (PS>LOVE THE MESSY HAIR DO)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ash @ Cannes

Ash @ Cannes HOT or NOT












Classic Beauty~ Sharmila Togore @ Cannes

Sharmila Togore was present as Cannes as a jury member for the prestigeous film festival in France. Might I say she looked beautiful! She kept it indian and that is what she looks best in. Wearing a yellow sari with blue flowers, she looked amazingly simple. She carried the look off with such grace and it's wonderful to her there! Very age appropriate and it has a spring, beachy vibe to it. She has aged so gracefully! Personally not a fan of Pearls but she rocked them to the max!! Even our classy first lady Michelle Obama can't look this good in Pearls! What do you guys think? Am i out of my mind oir does Mrs. Tagore look completely GLAM?

Ash @ Cannes with a BANG!

I cannot tell you how amazing she looks! SHe looks like a princess in the beautiful white gown and the train is a beautiful addition to the gown! Ususally something is always off about her look when she goes to Cannes. I get so disapointed because I know her potential and how amazing she is when she is dressed properly, but this particualr look is so amazing!!! The hair could have been a tad bit better but we will look past that. The make up is not to harsh, very light and beautiful. Her tan complextion looks nice ass well. THe fit of the dress is amazing. THe almost feathery kind of detail is nice. Usually I am not one for feathery detailing but she rocked it!! Great job Mrs Bachan!! WHat do you guys think of her look? DO u agree with me or you think something is off? would love to hear from u!! leave comments <3

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Up-Grade 4 Eva

A few posts back i discussed how our GLAMHOTTIE Eva was looking not to great due to that feathery dress of hers. I would like to report that she is back to her Glam self!! THe dress couls have fit better but her hair and make uo is done beautifully and she was heading to her own restaurant BESO (btw Beso means kiss in spanish) in West Hollywood! :)

Jo Bro's hit up London

Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas hit up London to promote their movie Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience. Personally, I don't like the whole tight pants wearing and them getting compared to the BEATLES. WHat do you guys think? Will they last long enough to attain legendary boy band status? WIll they be forgotten soon and remembered as a few album wonders and Disney stars. Maybe end up on WHERE ARE THEY NOW shows? I would love to hear your opinions on them.

Priyanka doing it casual

Dreamy's World <3

Dreamy: Priyanka Chopra poses for a picture before addressing a news conference at a studio in Mumbai May 12, 2009.
~~~She looks pretty. I like her outfit.
Princess Glam: Totally agree with u, Dreamy. I just wish she had done something with her hair! I mean I think that goes for most Bollywood actresses. THey NEVER change it up!!!

On the set: Love Aaj Kal


Hey friend from PV, DREAMYGIRL has some pix to share with us here on GLAMHOTTIE. As she pointed out, check out the flowers in Saif's why are they so small? ANyway enjoy the pix...and you can expect more contributions from my friend Dreamy..THanks Girl! <3


Beauty insider: Sideswept bangs

Check out the sideswept bangs on Ms Lara Dutta. According to Instyle sideswept bangs tend to soften up the forehead and are a great style for this summer. You can make a pin them above your head on a humid summery day or wear them swept to the side! ;)

For all of those thinking how your side bangs never look like this, you might want to try a few tricks. Before you blow dry these babies, you might want to add a little styling product to your hair which will help it stay put. Point the nozzle of your blowdryer down and away from your lovely faces and have sideswept bangs. If you don't already have bangs and tend to have a wider and longer forehead, this is the perfect additon to your already lovely hair!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Beauty tip...

Get the flirty blush look by placing the blush on the apples of ur cheeks rather than your cheekbones. This will give u a more feminine feel and flirty cute look just like Hayden!

Sonam in Anamika Khanna

Sonam is sporting an Anamika Khanna creation @ the Loreal brunch @ Olive. I am totally not digging this dress. She has build such a huge reputation as being a fashionista and getting it pretty much right every time but this look disapoints. The flowery detail, and the cut of that dress is not appealing and neither is the color of the dress. Very carroty! What is it with all these Glam Hotties? Hope to see them make a full come back very soon! (excuse amrita in the pic...couldn't find a better pic right away)

Goodness Gracious!!! WTH

OK.....This is ridiculous. Being edgy and unique is one thing and this is something so completely out there!!!! Why would cassie do this to herself. I so use to adore her cute girly charmful look and especially her hair! I don' t know what she was thinking. this is upsurd. She looks manly now from that side of her face. I'm sure she is not pulling a "Britney" but WHY?? Is this a rebellios phase. Trouble in Diddy paradise? On Twitter the once cute singer had this to say about shaving off one side of her long locks, "B/C I WOKE UP AND FELT LIKE IT!!! YEEEAHHH!!! LOL :)" um ok...w.e floats ur boat Cas!...

Oh man! Eva Down-Grade?

What is up with all these starlets that are usually so Glam? First it was Jennifer Lopez and now Eva Longoria. Oh man....:( This is very upsetting. Eva is such a Glam doll even when shes not on the red carpet. She has this amazing hair that is blow dried to perfection and those beautiful figure hugging dresses on her petite frame. Where is that EVA?? Where is that fashion starlet?

Jenny doing it well!

As promised, here are some of J. Lo's hottest looks! You will probably be as floored as I was. At that point in time she was giving red carpet hits one after another with her amazingly well fit dresses with beautiful cuts paired with awesome hair and make up. She rarely gets it wrong.
source: google

Jennifer Lopez Down-Grade

Don't get me wrong here. I am all for supporting J. Lo but this look just isnt doing it for me. This is such a DOWN- grade from her usual Glam self. Every time i use to see her in her Fab Marchesa dresses I would get floored! Now a says she isnt doing much for me! I don't understand what i is about this look. It looks way to ill cut from the front and just looks like fabric hanging around on the bottom. The bottom half of her is the worse!!!! THe fit is not working with her body. The half tan half pale back looks weird! With all that said, her hair looks completely glam and the make up is nice and understated. Check out the nest post to see some of Jenny's best looks!It requires a post of it's own! Trust me it's that good.

XOXO Shona
source: people, OK

Loving the hair on Kareena

Totally loving the hair on Kareena. The shoot might not have been her best but her hair looks ultra glam! As you all may know, Kareena is one of my favorite actresses of all time(the display pic on my blog proves that). I am loving the numerous layers in her hair and the poofed up, teased kinda look. The dark brunette gives her an ooze of sex appeal. GO KAREENA!!!
photo source

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On a Side Note :Lets help the enviroment!

Ok you guys need to understand that we are in a time of serious enviromental threats! Every little thing we can do makes a difference. I went to see the movie "EARTH" the other day just because Disney would plant a tree in the rainforests of Brazil for everyone that went to see the film in the first week. Now this "GO GREEN TOTE" from FOREVER21 partnered up with AMERICAN FORESTS and THE GLOBAL RELIEF foundations will do the same. If you buy their eco friendly tote they will plant a tree on your behalf. GUYS this is only $1.75! Please everyone who can buy it do so! I hope they keep their promise and plant that tree!
SO if you wana buy here. We should all do anything we can to save this planet. It is the only one we have! :)

How To: get Adriana Lima's Pin Straight Hair

Adriana assets may be as famous as her face world over but another beautiful additon to that face has to be that hair! She has one of the most gorgeous head of hair I have ever seen. It would be best to try out this look at home if you have a oval, round , heart or triangular face structure. It will also look better on you if your hair is thin to medium in texture. So, if you have that then you will need at least half an hour to do this, depending on the length of your hair , of course.

Things u will need:

  1. Have a blow dryer at hand, preferbly an ionic one, which helps keeps the shine in the hair.
  2. A good straightening iron.
  3. Shine serum or spray (i use a serum called Chi silk infusion in my hair before i start. It helps keep the shine and also protects from the heat of the tools)
  4. heat protector spray/serum (u can use Garnier shine spray)

So basically what u would do is add some heat protecter serum blow out your hair and if it looks poofy dont worry just add some serum and the next step will make it all better. After you do that put you hair into about 2 inch sections and start ironing. Keep in mind the less amount of hair in the iron at a time the better the end result will be. Keep going through all your hair with the iron and at the end spritz some shine serum.

source source

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kim K as a blonde?

Kim K as a blonde?? What do u guys have to say about this? I personally love love love her dark brunette/blackish hair. I think it sets her apart from the rest of the Hollywood crowd. She looks very middle eastern that may have something to do with the Armanien background and she Looks so Glam~~~U guys can expects a lot of posts on her cuz i LOVE HERR!!

Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover

You guys have to try this. It’s so much fun! Basically you can try on Hollywood Celebrity Hairstyles on your own face or a models face on Or you can directly click on this link. All you have to do is upload your own picture and get started!ou can try the hairstyles of stars like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and my favorite,EVA LONGORIA. It’s a lot of fun!

Hello Glam Hotties....

Hello all u Glam hotties! Trends change every day we need to stay on to speed with them. Keep coming back and visiting to be updated on the latest Trends from Young Bollywood and Hollywood. ANd always leave u thoughts...would love to hear from u!